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The shipping charges will calculate as you process your order with your shipping address. Typically, you will be presented with multiple options. Please note that the shipping companies charge based on "dimensional weight". So, large bulky items will still be charged as if they are heavy. With the mix of products that we offer, it is difficult to get an automated system to calculate perfectly. If the shipping charge calculated by the system seems way out of line, you may call us to get a more accurate quote.

We make every attempt to minimize the shipping cost for you. In some cases, we are even able to save you money over what the system calculated for your order. In those cases, we will refund any excess payments that you made.

If the total weight of your order is over 100 pounds, we use human intervention to explore options for shipping by freight truck. When you check out, select "Please Provide Custom Quote" as the shipping method and select "Submit Order. Wait for Shipping Costs" as the payment method and complete your order. We will contact you once we have calculated the shipping costs and provide instructions to proceed with your payment at that time.

If you would like to pick up your items from our store, you will need to enter an Arizona address as your shipping address. In this situation, you may use our address, viz, 4775 S Coach Dr, Tucson AZ 85714. Once you have entered an Arizona address as the shipto address, you will see "In Store Pickup" as one of the shipping options. By selecting that option, no shipping charges will be placed on your order.

For any questions, you are welcome to call us at 1-800-442-1290 or 1-520-623-0064
Thank you for shopping Tucson Store Fixtures for all of your display needs. We look forward to serving you. Please call us for any special assistance that might be wanted.